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SUPPAW is a unique organization. In essence, we are a social network for all HK pet owners to get connected and interact on pet-related topics. On top of that, we are also launching a one-stop-shop Paw N’ Shop platform for all pet-related products. While we do intend to provide pet supplies on our platform, the most important element here is our pro-bono Bring Me Home animal adoption platform.


does Suppaw work

We are different from most rescue organizations in the sense that we believe sustainability is key. We will ensure our efforts towards helping stray or abandoned animals can continue in the long run through establishing value added profit-generating businesses. These businesses will ensure we always have resources to partner with rescue organizations in helping animals.


does Suppaw do

We promise to perpetually donate 10% of our net profits to rescue stray or abandoned animals or to facilitate animal adoption. And our efforts towards providing animal adoption services through Bring Me Home are and will continue to be 100% pro bono. Always and forever.