M/F: Male
Age (Actual or Estimated): 7-12 months old
Organization: 毛守救援
Contact Number: 69994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Description:大窩/ 8個月/ 男
Tai Wo/ 8 months old/ M

困籠時,有時換糧水開門個下,都會豎起飛機耳同fee。嘗試摸佢會好大反應,出手打、飛機耳、fee 嗚咩都齊;但同佢玩貓棒同用匙餵醬醬係可以😌

Tai Wo is a timid boy & it takes a while for him to open up to you! He loves to eat paste & canned food. He likes playing with you once he gets to know you - we think he might know what it means by “no”🤣
He reacts strongly with airplane ears & hissing when we open the cage to change water. Trying to pet him? He might use his little paw to hit you, together with hissing🤣🤣 but you can serve him paste with a spoon & play with him using cat teaser😌
Once out of the cage, he walks around without hiding - he would still play with you if you get a cat teaser, but not so much for eating paste😅 Sometimes he would walk towards me on his own - tho he ran away when I moved😂😂😂

1. 領養人必須為貓貓打齊預防針
2. 必須全屋裝置窗網,不打開的窗要封死
3. 不接受紗網、磁吸網
4. 有獨立經濟能力
5. 不接受放養/舖養
6. 除初期入屋隔離外,不接受困籠飼養
7. 家中長時間有人優先
8. 必須為貓貓絕育

Adoption notice:
1. Adopters must fully vaccinate the cat.
2. Proper cat-proof window screens/mesh must be installed at home. Please seal any windows that are not opened.
3. Gauze or magnetic screens are not acceptable.
4. Adopters must be financially independent.
5. Raising the cat in a shop or as free-range are not acceptable.
6. Aside from the home quarantine at the early stage, please do not raise the cat in a locked cage.
7. Adopters who spend long hours at home will have priority.
8. Adopters must sterilize the cat.

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