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M/F: Female
Size: Medium 10-20kg, Large >20kg (estimate)
Age (Actual or Estimated): 1-6 months old
Breed: Mongrel (唐狗)
Organization: 毛守救援
Contact Number: 69994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Tung tung /1.5 mo / female

之前Indus (一齊暫托細粒d嘅小bb) 同一晚落地明顯係懵d, 開飯都唔識去食。醒目嘅恫恫一見到個兜就梗係即係去食啦,食咗2下之後,佢望一望側邊個位懵豬indus: 咦,唔食嘅? 跟住托媽要搬一搬小bb Indus 到個兜邊先識食。大BB恫恫見到小bb 食,佢先繼續食。
恫恫會等人真係好sweet, 會係非常夾狗嘅家姐/妹妹。
超級聽教,識睇面色,見人鬧會叫其他bb靜d,快d Sit 好。
小便百發百中,大便99%準,淨低1% 係四腳踩咗落尿墊但係屁股喺條街😂。

Tung Tung is fostering with Indus right now and she has the best personality among all puppies. On the second night, she took care of Indus and waited for her to eat together instead of eating on her own. She is very smart and caring. Once, when the food arrived, she looked up and saw Indus was still wandering around. She then stopped eating and waited till the little girl came over then eat tgt.
This has given the most heartfelt moment to the foster parents and we are sure she will be the perfect buddy to the family.
She knows how to sit n wait for food in the first week, still needs more practice tho. Tung tung has 99% accuracy on her pot.
Puppies usually tend to bite the crate or towel or jump onto the fence, and all these behaviours have been mostly corrected by foster parents. We hope the new family can keep on practicing and she will be a well-mannered girl when she grows up.

1. 必須接受家訪
2. 年滿25歲
3. 領養地址必須准許飼養狗隻
4. 承諾妥善照顧動物至終老,不棄養

Pre-requisites for adoption👉🏻
1. Mandatory visit of adopter's home
2. Adopter must be 25 or above
3. Dogs must be allowed at the adopter's residential building
4. Adopter should commit to taking care of the dog and not abandon it
5. Adopter should bring the dog for regular check-ups and arrange neutering appointment

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