Thank you for your interest ! 水哥 has already found home !







M/F: Male
Size: Medium 10-20kg, Large >20kg (estimate)
Age (Actual or Estimated): 1-6 months old
Breed: Mongrel (唐狗)
Organization: 毛守救援
Contact Number: 69994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Description:水哥/ 個半月/ 男
Water/ 1.5 months/ M

唔好睇水哥個樣鈍鈍地, 其實佢好醒目!已經學識喺尿墊大小二便,同埋已經識sit 同俾hand. 平時就鍾意玩玩具,識擔返玩具俾人。
之前隻手仔整親都冇叫冇喊,好叻仔!隻手仔而家已經好得七七八八,就係等緊啲毛毛生返出嚟。完全冇影響佢貪玩嘅性格🤭 佢好鍾意嗲人,而家就等緊你哋帶佢返屋企!

Water is an adorable puppy that loves to play. He is curious and will explore every corner of your home. He loves to cuddle and be around homan. But he will sit quietly next to you and accompany you while you work.
Don’t get fooled by his cute looks, but he is one tough cookie! His foot was previously injured but he never whined about it! His foot is now healed and waiting for the little fur to grow back.
He is also one smart little boy that already knows simple commands like sit and give hand. Did I mention that he can fetch as well? He also passed toilet training with flying colours and now he is ready to find his forever home!

1. 必須接受家訪
2. 年滿25歲
3. 領養地址必須准許飼養狗隻
4. 承諾妥善照顧動物至終老,不棄養

Pre-requisites for adoption👉🏻
1. Mandatory visit of adopter's home
2. Adopter must be 25 or above
3. Dogs must be allowed at the adopter's residential building
4. Adopter should commit to taking care of the dog and not abandon it
5. Adopter should bring the dog for regular check-ups and arrange neutering appointment

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