M/F: Female
Size: Estimate
Age: 4-8 years old
Organization: 毛守救援
Contact Number: 69994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Yes
Health Condition:She has heart murmurs, she lives a normal life but could not tolerate intensive exercises.

Description:瑞士糖 / 5歲 / 女/已絕育 (PG362)
Sugar/ 5 yo/ F/ Spayed

天生好脾氣,洗澡修甲,刷牙,貓拳佢,都冇見佢嬲過。在乎人,會把身壓得低低,開着飛機耳有禮貌行去嗅嗅打招呼。鍾意人摸頭頭(但屁股no no),同用身蹭你。
行街跟繩行,但她累了或驚時,會坐或企定定,扯佢都唔行。叫佢"sugar"佢到會返黎你身邊。基本指令如sit,down,stay, no, come聽得明。
上廁所地點愛户外草皮。如果你放報紙或膠袋係佢poo poo位,佢會越行越遠,就係唔係你放個位去。

Sugar/5 yo/ F/ Spayed
She is docile, quiet, calm and friendly dog (especially to hooman, cats and kids). She sleeps through the day and night. She starts approaching her doggie friends, yet, when large and excited dogs sniff her, she would lay down and shake.
So far, I haven’t seen her throwing a tantrum over grooming or when the cats hit her head. She loves pats (not on her booty) and comes up to hooman with a lowered body and held back ear.
She is a foodie but not a fan of fish. She has an incredible sense of smell and would spill the pills out even if you hide them into her food. She won’t eat food until she eases up.
She is not a fan of toys (unless sniff toys). She doesn't enjoy squeaky toys. Her favorite activities are grass rolling, sunbathing and walkies. She will wait patiently when we are dining at a restaurant . She hesitates to go into the car but once settled, she like the car ride.
She is pretty good at on/ off leash. If she is tired/ scared, she will fixate. Mastering basic commands like “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “NO” and “come”
Her toilet place is roadside planters. If you are tempted to put bags underneath, she will leave a poo trail but nothing on the designated spot.
She is medically up-to-date. Tho she has heart murmurs, she lives a normal life but could not tolerate intensive exercises.

暫托日常IG: paws4life.hkg

1. 必須接受家訪
2. 年滿25歲
3. 領養地址必須准許飼養狗隻
4. 承諾妥善照顧動物至終老,不棄養

Pre-requisites for adoption👉🏻
1. Mandatory visit of adopter's home
2. Adopter must be 25 or above
3. Dogs must be allowed at the adopter's residential building
4. Adopter should commit to taking care of the dog and not abandon it
5. Adopter should bring the dog for regular check-ups and arrange neutering appointment

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