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M/F: Male
Size: Medium 10-20kg, Large >20kg (estimate)
Age (Actual or Estimated): 1-6 months old
Breed: Mongrel (唐狗)
Organization: 毛守救援
Contact Number: 69994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Description:待領養 For adoption (PG 402)
雲吞仔/ 3個月/男仔
Wonton Boi / 3 mo / M

熄燈就知要瞓覺會一齊休息💤 會等你瞓醒過黎嗲你🕘重會自動露個肚肚出嚟俾你摸👋

Wonton is a gentle and well-behaved boy who gets along well with other dogs. He is calm and smart, pays a lot of attention to hoomen and learns very quickly🥰
He is not defensive about his food. He won’t bite even if you take away what he’s chewing on. He allows strangers to pet him and will not bark!
If he knows you’re busy, he will play with his toys. 👩🏻‍💻He knows that it is sleep time when you switch the lights off. 💤 He will wait for you to wake up and be cuddly with you. He will show his belly to ask for a belly rub! 👋🏽

1. 必須接受家訪
2. 年滿25歲
3. 領養地址必須准許飼養狗隻
4. 承諾妥善照顧動物至終老,不棄養

Pre-requisites for adoption👉🏻
1. Mandatory visit of adopter's home
2. Adopter must be 25 or above
3. Dogs must be allowed at the adopter's residential building
4. Adopter should commit to taking care of the dog and not abandon it
5. Adopter should bring the dog for regular check-ups and arrange neutering appointment

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