M/F: Female
Size: Medium 10-20kg, Large >20kg
Age (Actual or Estimated): 4-8 years old
Breed: Mongrel (唐狗)
Organization: 毛守救援- 領養部
Contact Number: +85269994227
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Description:待領養For adoption (PG472)
Pinky/ female/ 5 years old

只得5歲 但舉止卻似15歲 唔知佢以前經歷過咩事呢。。。所以更希望有大愛家庭可以用愛心融化佢!
因為從來冇入過屋,而家仲係適應當中!但佢好叻叻,上繩落街散步,跟繩行完全冇問題,仲好鍾意出街tim, 一出街就fing尾架喇。見到其他狗都好友善架!

Pinky is only 5 but she is mature like a 15-year-old... wonder what has happened to her... Let's show her more love to melt her heart ❤️
Pinky is a gentle gal - her favourite activity is sleeping zzz Damaging the house Nah not her style
She has been living in the wild all along so she is still adapting to living with human - but she is such a smart gal! She can walk with you on a leash - and she loves going out! Her tail kept swinging every time she is out - she also gets along with other dogs!
Pinky is particularly clean - she would wait for you to bring her down to pee/ poo, do bring her out twice a day though! One of her legs is injured so she can only go for a short walk of 20-30 minutes every time.
She loves to eat - you can bribe her with chicken! She would be really timid when she first meets a stranger but you can totally win her over by feeding her chicken


1. 必須接受家訪
2. 年滿25歲
3. 領養地址必須准許飼養狗隻
4. 承諾妥善照顧動物至終老,不棄養
5. 須為狗狗作定期檢查、絕育

Pre-requisites for adoption
1. Mandatory visit to adopter's home
2. Adopter must be 25 or above
3. Dogs must be allowed at the adopter's residential building
4. Adopter should commit to taking care of the dog and not abandon it
5. Adopter should bring the dog for regular check-ups and arrange neutering appointment

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