Tinsley & Truman

Thank you for your interest ! Tinsley & Truman has already found home !





Tinsley & Truman

Tinsley & Truman

M/F: Male, Female
Age (Actual or Estimated): 2-4 years old
Organization: LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity)
Contact Number: 64771492
Microchip: Unknown
Desexed: Unknown

Description:呢對女神男神 Tinsley同 Truman,咪睇佢哋咁靚咁健壯,其實佢哋曾患上貓傳染性腸炎(FIE),九死一生,經過昂貴嘅治療💰💰同暫托家庭悉心照顧❤️❤️,先康復起嚟㗎。佢哋好親人,不過兩隻長毛貓貓照顧都唔容易,領養前要做好凖備👏🏼。#暫托中
Tinsley and Truman are gorgeous, aren’t they? When you look at them now, it’s hard to imagine what they have gone through to reach to this stage. When they were younger, they were disgnosed with feline panleukopenia virus (FIE). But miracles do happen. They managed to pull through with the help of expensive medical treatments 💰💰and intensive foster care. Now they are having a happy second life❤️❤️! They are very friendly to hoomans and are looking for a permanent home together. #infoster #longhaircat

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