《3 Apps You Should Know as a Pet Owner》

As a pet owner, you will face a lot of difficulties in taking care of your fur babies. Here are 3 useful apps that might help!


#11pets (Pet Medical Record + Itinerary)


If you are a new pet owner raising kittens and puppies right now, this app will be very useful for you! You can register your pet information in this app, and it will automatically calculate dates for vaccination and deworming! Also, you can record allergies and other health status in this app for the vet’s reference. Overall this is a really good app to take care of these little details!


#Petbacker (All-Rounded Pet Sitter Service)


Want to go out for a few days but worried about leaving your pets alone? Can’t walk your dog due to some urgent issues? This app can help! Petbacker offers pet-sitting, dog-walking and transport services, so that when you’re busy, you can focus on your own businesses without worrying about your pets! On the other hand, if you have some free time, you can register as a service provider and lend others a helping hand for a little bit of extra income!


#協尋寵物 (Lost & Found Records)


In the unlikely event that your pet goes missing, this app can provide immense help! You can register your lost pet within 5 minutes, and users nearby can join the searching crew as soon as possible! This app also allows you to create a “missing pet” poster with just a single click, so that you don’t have to waste time on this and can focus on looking for your pet instead!


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