《All Things about Adoption #2 —— Adoption Process》

After finding your destined pet, it’s time to start the adoption process! Different organizations have different adoption steps, but they generally consist of the following three steps:




The application form will collect your personal information to determine whether you are capable of raising the pet stably. In addition to the basic personal information, many organizations will also request some sensitive information, such as:


– Economic status

– House size

– Life plan


For Facebook Groups, it is more or less the same.




After successfully submitting an application, remember to prepare in advance! Here is a basic checklist~


– Food

– Snacks (for training)

– Bed

– Pet cage

– Food bowl and water bowl



– Leash

– Dog pad

– Urinary pan (Required for baby dog!!!)



– Litter and Litter box

– Safety net on windows

– Scratching board




Many organizations and people will also request home visits to inspect the pet’s future environment. In most cases, one or two home visits are required within a year after adoption. In fact, as long as you are mentally prepared and bought all the items you need, you will pass the requirement easily!. Both you and the volunteers care about the animals, just bear this in mind and you can resolve any conflicts on the way.


The next article will talk about the expenses of adopting cats and dogs. Stay tuned!


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