《All Things about Adoption #3 —— Adoption Budget》

The most realistic step is to adopt Zuo’s favorite hairy boy and return to the house. Even if I love furry kids no matter how good it is, it is impossible for us to “generate electricity with love”, and eventually it will return to the problem of money (so superficial but practical cry). It is a sentence, adopting a fur boy means that you need to take care of him for a lifetime, regardless of birth, old age, sickness and death, you have to spend it with him. So, let me simply analyze the expenses of raising a baby boy~ Lishen, the following figures are for reference only, the actual figures may differ.


#Cat’s Initial Expenses


Let’s start with Mao Mao! If you buy according to the item list in the previous article, the price is really not high. The window netting can be DIY with checkered netting, and the cat litter can be buried with the scratching board and it will not exceed $200. In addition to other basic facilities, you can do all the basic setup for only $1000 at the beginning (of course, if you want to buy a larger cat house, you may not stop the number).


#Cat’s Annual Expenses


The annual expenses of cats are also not high. If you want to calculate annual expenses, there are roughly four areas as follows:


-Vaccines & Deworming (~ $1000)

-Medical expenses (~ $2500-$5000)

-Food (~ $1000)

-Beauty / other extra expenses (~ $1000)


All the embedding is about $5500-$8000, and the relatively unstable one is the medical expenses. If the adopted cats and cats have skin diseases/other long-term diseases, the medical expenses will be higher than normal. Therefore, it is also recommended that the owner should keep about $1000 per month to cope with sudden medical expenses for cats.


#Dog’s Initial Expenses


Compared with cats, dogs need to spend more money and energy to raise! If you buy according to the item list in the previous article, the price is also not high. A dog belt only costs about $200, and a changing pad and a pan is enough for $300. With other basic facilities, it only costs about $1500 at the beginning to get all the basic setup.


#Dog’s Annual Expenses


In other countries, the annual expenditures for dogs are not much different from those for cats. However, in Hong Kong, the most important expenditure is “transportation expenses.” Since dogs need to walk down the street regularly, if there is no dog park near Caiwuqi, they will have to bear additional transportation expenses. Therefore, the dog’s annual expenditure roughly falls into the following five areas:


-Vaccines & Deworming (~ $3500)

-Medical expenses (~ $2500-$5000)

-Transportation expenses (~ $6000)

-Food (~ $6000)

-Beauty / other additional expenses (~ $6000)


All the embedding is about $24,000-$26,500. The medical expenses are the same as above, and all vary depending on the dog’s health. The cost of transportation also depends on whether the housing estate is big enough / whether there is a dog park nearby. If you have to call a taxi/gogovan every time you go out of the street or drive your own car, the cost is quite considerable, so please pay special attention to this point.


If you look at the many adoption tips, it proves that you are a patient person who is willing to devote time and energy to the fur child! The list is not because you want to scare away those who want to adopt, but because you want to think twice before adopting, don’t just see the cute boy / think that the adoption is a good deed / adopt it without laundering money and go and adopt it!


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