《There are ticks on your pet?! Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding》

Have you ever bathe/clean your pets, 

and saw ticks lining up tidily on their bellies?

Don’t panic!

Those may just be their nipples!!!


Cats and dogs are just like human beings.

Both males and females have nipples.

Also, as they usually give birth to many puppies / kittens at once,

most dogs have 8-10 nipples,

while most cats have 8,

to prevent the babies from fighting for milk.

In some cases,

they may have an odd number of nipples,

like 7 or 9.


Are you still worrying if they are really ticks?

Here are 3 ways to identify:


#No_Legs: Nipples don’t have legs, so you can calm down if you don’t see their legs!

#Tidy: Nipples are usually lined up tidily.

#Blend_into_body: Nipples will be a natural extension from the body.


Adopted pets are usually dewormed,

so they are probably only nipples.

However if you really identified ticks on your pet,

bring them to the vet as soon as possible!


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