《Unexpected jobs for dogs》

We’ve introduced some cats with special jobs before,

but most of those jobs are just honorary titles,

and the cats were not considered to be in actual labor force.

However, even in human history, dogs have always been helping us out,

and they have always been good friends of humans.


Besides guiding blind people and detecting drugs,

dogs are capable of taking on many other jobs!

Here are 3 jobs they’d do that you may not know about before.




Normal security prevents thieves from stealing the arts,

but they can’t prevent bugs from eating into wooden arts.

Dogs however can smell bugs from a distance,

and can be trained to sit down in front of those arts to attract attention.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston hired Riley, a Weimaraner,

to detect bugs, and they’ve achieved very positive results!

You can look it up on google if interested!




Besides detecting illegal goods,

dogs can chase off wildlife animals on runways,

and prevent them from the plane engines, safeguarding lives on planes.

K-9 Piper used to be a dog working in the airport of Traverse City,

but had unfortunately passed away in 2018.

You can also look it up by the name of “airportk9” on Youtube!




In order to roast meat, 

we have to flip it when necessary to ensure it’s evenly roasted.

Actually, there was a species called “Turnspit dog”,

which were responsible for turning meat!

They were born with long bodies and short legs,

and they’d run on wheels like hamsters

to turn meat placed on a holder.

However, as technology advances, humans now have better ways to roast meat,

so turnspit dogs have lost their jobs. Now they have gone extinct.


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