《Want to travel but have a furry child at home? 3 ways to place a furry child》

Have you ever struggled about travelling after having a pet, because you are afraid of leaving it at home alone? Here are 3 viable methods for you to travel without worrying!




Bringing your pet with you is obviously the best option! However, there are several limitations:

Money, application time, flight time, etc.


If you have a higher budget, you can consider pet travel services, where private airlines are available! Even dogs will have sufficient space to move around.




Pets also deserve to enjoy the holiday! You can send your pet to pet hotels to stay for a few days~ However, during peak seasons, there is a very high demand, hence you may have to reserve a place 1-2 months in advance!




If you think the above two options are too expensive,

It’s better to ask a friend to help take care of it!

(Assuming that you have a friend :p)


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