《Why do kittens like to chew electric wires?》

“Does the wire really taste good?”


Of course not! In fact, they chew all things – sheets, shirts, even the owner’s hands, etc, just that a chewed wire is the most obvious to spot.


The main reason why kittens chew so much is that they are “teething”. It starts when they are around three months old. During this period, its teeth will feel itchy, and chewing becomes a way to relieve the itchiness.


Hence, our goals are to “prevent it from chewing the wire”, and “to divert his attention”. There are some products that help with these two goals.




With this product, the wires can be protected from the kittens. The price is around $30, which is not expensive at all!




The toys can provide the kittens something else to chew instead of the wires. The price depends on the one you buy, ranging from $10-$1000!


P.S. Try not to get infuriated, as it is their natural instinct; it’s just like people drinking water out of thirst. Their urge to chew will gradually diminish as long as their teething ends!


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