《Why would you consider animal adoption besides moral reasons? 3 reasons why adopting is better than buying》



Pets in pet shops often cost a few thousands or even tens of thousands of HKD, meanwhile most adoptions are free. Although the future spending will be similar, it’s still a reduction in total cost!




Pets in adoption centres / foster familes have received basic care and training, so most would know how to urinate at proper locations. They are also less aggressive in general, so pet owners don’t have to spend as much time training them from ground zero.




There were myths about pets in animal shelters that they are unhealthy and carry a lot of diseases.


In fact, most pets in animal shelters have received proper medical treatment before they are ready for adoption. Therefore, adoption can actually help you avoid cats and dogs that would die within a short period of time after getting home.


The above 3 reasons are why adopting is better than buying! With the added benefits of protesting against puppy and kitten mills, as well as helping stray animals, we should support adoption in both moral and practical perspectives!


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