《A Comprehensive Food Guide For Cats》

As the saying goes, “food is heaven for the people.” All creatures, including cats, like eating. However, there are many kinds of cat food on the market, and you may even make your own! Which one is the best for cats? You’ll find out below!

There are four types of ordinary cat food: dry food, wet food, fresh food, and raw food. The first two are available right away, and no special preparation is required; the latter two require the owner to spend more time on cooking & seasoning. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each cat food.


Dry food is the most common cat food, usually packaged in bags. You only need to seal it each time you eat it. The price is also relatively cheap, making it suitable for large-scale purchases! But it is worth noting that cats need to drink a lot of water, but they rarely take the initiative to drink. Therefore, if their only meal is dry food, it may cause kidney failure and other problems in the long run!

+ Relatively cheap

+ Long storage life

– Insufficient water, may pose health issues


Wet food is also another common cat food, usually canned. Compared with dry food, wet food contains water, so cats are less likely to suffer from water shortage. However, the disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. In addition, the canned wet food also needs to be stored in the refrigerator to prevent the food from spoiling.

+ Sufficient water

– Relatively expensive


Fresh food refers to food that has been cooked. It is usually much tastier than dry food and wet food. In addition, the owner can also adjust the nutrient amount according to the cat! However, the shortcomings are obvious. It takes extra time and money to prepare fresh food, which may not be an ideal choice for a busy owner.

+ Tastier than dry food and wet food

+ Can adjust nutrition amount by yourself

–  Need extra time and money


Similar to fresh food, raw food is usually tastier than dry food and wet food, but raw food does not require high-temperature cooking. In fact, cats are more inclined to eat raw food, such as raw meat, raw bones, internal organs, etc. Therefore, raw food is actually easier for them to digest. Of course, hygiene is of utmost importance!

+ Easier to digest

+ Without high temperature cooking, probiotics can be preserved

– Hygiene concerns

– Require extra time and money

Which cat food do you usually choose? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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