Functions of the Paws
The cats’ important little “fur-feet”

  • Get rid of excess heat
  • Prevent slipping
  •  Shock absorbers
  • Sound absorption
  • Sensors

If your kitty’s paw pads become irritated or cracked, help your cats drink more and also try moisturizing them with olive, coconut or another food-quality oil that will be safe for them to lick.

Maintain Hygiene
Keeping your cat’s paws healthy by wiping their paws every day. Check between their paws for litter or other debris that may be stuck. Trim your cat’s nails and the hair on the paws to prevent bacteria infection.

Cats’ paws contain large concentrations of nerve receptors. If you can give a massage to your cat’s paws, it will promote better blood circulation and improve their health.

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