Do dogs know their names?

It turns out that there is no such thing as a “name” in the world of a dog. Dogs will link our words with their experience, which means dogs can learn their names through training.

We can link a dog’s name with good memories to establish a positive connection. When the dog hears its name, it will think of happy things.

  1. Call the dog’s name in a bright and happy tone.
  2. When the dog looks at you, you can say “Good” or “Yes” to confirm its action.
  3. Then rewards it with treats.

Practicing name recognition training with dogs from time to time can strengthen their positive connection to their names. As soon as they hear you call them, they will know something good is about to happen!

Avoid linking negative events with names is also important. Try not to call the dog’s name when bathing it, trimming its nails, or doing other stressful things, to prevent it from associating negative experiences with its name.

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