Fur babies are more cold-resilient than you think!

Hong Kong’s temperature goes up and down a lot these days. Pet owners are worried that their fur babies will get sick due to the sudden drop in temperature. In fact, with the exception of dogs originated from tropical areas and puppies, most healthy dogs can handle ~10°C without any problem.

The hair on fur babies is actually a high-tech down coat! It can be adjusted based on the temperature. In winter, the hair will loosen, blocking cold air and trapping body temperature in the fur layer to prevent heat loss; while in summer, the hair will flatten, air can pass through easily so it feels cooler.

Fur babies may hate heat more than cold, so relax!

If they do not show any signs of coldness as we mentioned last week: curled up and shaking, slow reaction, and cold ear and body, you can take it easy. If fur babies are behaving normally, there is no need to keep them extra warm so as to avoid heatstroke.


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