How to get rid of bad dog breath?

Dogs are passionate and can get over excited easily. They will jump up and shower people with kisses. But sometimes, they have bad breath and makes you want to avoid their kisses… What to do?

Bad breath is mostly caused by food residues. They’d lead to bacterial growth and smelly odor. If not treated properly, they may build up calculus, or even worsen to oral diseases such as gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

  1. Drink more water – It is important to drink water after eating. It helps to rinse out food residues while keeping the body hydrated, so urge your dog to drink more water.
  2. Brush teeth daily – Like humans, dogs need to brush their teeth daily to remove dirt. If you want to ensure your dog’s oral health and fresh breath, you can’t be lazy!
  3. Dental chew treats/toys – Dental chew treats or toys are tough and durable in texture, which can help to clean and massage the teeth and gums. It can also help the dogs to relieve stress. Remember to stop your dogs after 20-30 minutes of chewing, and let their teeth and gums rest.
  4. Regular dental check up – It is recommended to take your dogs to the vet every year to check their teeth to maintain oral health, and ensure that bad breath, if any, is not caused by other diseases.

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