Cats’ cute appearance and cattitude personality attract many people to become their slaves. Let’s take a look at how many cats’ slave signs have you got!

Scoring Table

  • Your clothes are covered with cat hairs: You no longer wear black shirts, and you carry lint rollers around to remove cat hairs
  • Your phone is full of cat photos: you want to record everything about your cat
  • Splurge on cat toys and supplies, want to give the best to the cats (although they don’t appreciate it most of the time)
  • Full of love scars: sometimes the cats are too excited during play time and scratched you accidentally
  • Meow talk: When your cat meows at you, you respond by meowing without a second thought
  • Remodel the house for your cat: transform the furniture into a cat house, hang a cat walkway on the wall
  • Become a poop-picker: When your cat goes to the toilet, you observe the size and shape of the poop to ensure your cat is healthy
  • All your conversations are about cats: exchange cat care tips and tricks with other cat owners
  • Become a home person: worry that your cat will be lonely and hungry at home, so you’d rush back home at night
  • Cat huffing addiction: You feel uncomfortable if you don’t huff your cat once a day

0-3 = Quasi-cat slave; seems you just got a cat not long ago

4-6 = Barely qualified cat slave; it is your honour to serve the master, come on!

7-9 = A competent cat slave, although you still have room to improve in your cats’ minds.

10 = You are truly a cat slave! Your cats mean everything to you!


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