SIGNS YOUR DOG LOVES YOU – How many boxes did you check?

  1. The dog always look at you – Dogs do not have a verbal language, so they mainly communicate through visual cues. If your dog keeps staring at you, it is trying to bond with you. It’s a loving and trusting sign!
  2. The dog loves to bite your things – Slippers, socks and personal items are covered with scent of the owner, which makes the dog feel at ease. When the owner is not around, dogs like to stay with the owner’s scent, and sometimes it can’t resist the urge from biting those items. Dogs bite things out of love, so don’t be too harsh on they next time!
  3. The dog runs to you once you call it – Dogs are very simple minded. They want to stick with the person they love all the time. If they hear you calling their names, they will run to you without a second thought. The faster they run, the greater the love!
  4. The dog responses to your name – Dogs can learn hoomans’ names after living together with them for a while. Even if the hooman the dog likes is not present, as long as it hears the name of that person, it will think of that person and get excited. If the dog responds to your name, it likes you very much!
  5. The dog looks back at you while walking – When walking with your dog, it will always look back at you to check on you. It worries that you would get lost or encounter dangers. If a family takes the dog for a walk, the person that it stays closest closest to is the hooman it likes the most!

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