Summer is over! Would dogs catch a cold?

There is a kind of cold called, “the owner thinks the dog is cold”.

So would our fur babies feel cold?

It really depends on the origin of the dog breed. Dogs from non-cold climate areas, such as miniature pinschers, chihuahuas, and poodles, they are more likely to feel cold. Puppies, short-haired dogs, and small dogs also have low tolerance for low temperatures. So pay special attention to them during cold seasons.

Signs Your Dog IS Feeling Cold

  1. Curled up and shaking – If a dog is curled up in a corner with its tail close to itself, it is feeling cold. It is using its body temperature to warm itself and reduce heat loss. If the dog is shaking, you need to warm it up.
  2. Slow reactions – When our dogs hear our call, they will usually run to us excitedly! If somehow they reacts slowly that day, hunched and tucked their tails; or walk limp, as if they don’t want to touch the ground, it may be because the dogs feel cold and want to avoid touching the icy ground.
  3. Cold ears and body – The body temperature of a dog is higher than that of humans’. If a dog’s ears, hands and feet are cold, it means the blood flow of the dog’s body is not enough to keep it warm. It is necessary to keep the dog warm immediately.

How to Keep Fur Babies Warm?

  • Prepare plush mattress for the dog
  • Reduce time out and stay indoors
  • Use heater or heating lamp

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