Why do cats insist on putting their paws on top?

Have you tried playing hand stacking game with a cat? Put your hand on the cat’s paw, it will immediately pull its paw out and place it on top; no matter how many times you repeat, the cat will always place its paws on top.

What makes the cat persist?

  1. Sensory ToolsIn addition to using whiskers and smell to perceive the surroundings, a cat’s paw is another important sensory tool. Cats’ paws are full of nerves and sensitivity. When a cat feels an object touches it, it will reflexively use its paw to detect the object.
  2. Reserve Space for MovementCats are very alert to movements, and often need to run or jump suddenly. If a cat’s paw is pressed, its movement will be limited. Cats need to ensure that there is no obstacles above their paws.
  3. Protect Hunting ToolsCats are born to be hunters. Cats paws have mute effects, helping cats to approach their preys quietly, while their claws are used for attacking and hunting. As an important hunting tool, cats will protect their paws and will not let others touch it.

If you cat doesn’t mind you pressing its paws, CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially a recognized servant of your cat!

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