《Will your Mongrel grow up to be a Chihuahua or a Tibetan Mastiff —— Three Ways to Estimate The Future Size Of A Little Mongrel》

Adopting a little mongrel is always a gamble. You can’t accurately predict its grown-up size at all. It may only be of normal size, but it may also grow to >40 kg! Is there a way to estimate his body shape when he grows up? Below are three indicators that can be used to estimate the future size of a little mongrel.


This is the most direct and quick method, and it is also quite accurate. Larger breeds usually give birth to more than five babies at the same time, while smaller breeds usually give birth to less than five. So, you can ask how many siblings it has in order to determine its grown up size!


This is a method that many people use, with a certain degree of accuracy. As puppies grow up, almost all parts of their body will become larger, except the size of the foot. Therefore, the paw size is also a reliable criterion for estimating the size of the dog.


As the body has to accommodate the enlarged dog when it grows up, the slackness of its skin is determined by the size of the dog. the looser the puppies’ skin, the larger the size; the tighter the skin, the smaller the size.

Combining the above three points, you can roughly deduct the size of the mongrel after he grows up! The above method is not absolutely correct, and cannot apply to all dogs. For further information, it is recommended to ask the vet / volunteer for advice! No matter what, there should never be a reason to abandon dogs, including unexpected dog size. Treat your mongrel with love and care!

What’s your method of estimating a mongrel’s size? Share your experience with us!

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