《All Things about Adoption #1 —— Adoption Channel》

First of all, thank you for supporting adoption! Your act means everything to them! However, you have to know that they are living animals, hence we cannot treat them as a toy. This series will focus on “adoption channels”, “adoption process” and “adoption budget”. Stay tuned!


There are two mainstream adoption channels:




This is the most common channel! Whenever the Agriculture and Fisheries Department receives an abandoned or stray animal, it will conduct a health check on its physical and mental condition. If it passes the test, it will be sent to animal shelters to undergo sterilization and undergo adoption arrangements. Here are some of the most common animal shelters in Hong Kong.


-Love Adopt Animal Society @love_adopt_animal_society

-Hong Kong Saving Cats and Dogs Association @hkscda

-House of Joy and Mercy @hjoyandmercy

-Lifelong Animal Protection @lap.org.hk


Adoption day will also be held regularly by these organizations!




In recent years, many people upload the information of the pets on FB, so that everyone can choose slowly. If you feel that it is too troublesome to apply for adoption at animal shelters, you can also look it up in Facebook Groups! Below is a list of Facebook Groups that are still active~


– 我要領養(香港區)

– Hong Kong Animal Lovers 貓貓狗狗保護及領養區(香港)

– 動物之家香港領養區

– 唐狗之家~支持領養


The above are the major adoption channels in Hong Kong~ If you have any questions, feel free to leave it down below!


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