《How do cats and dogs drink water differently?》

Both cats and dogs drink water from a water tray. Why do cats drink elegantly but dogs often make a mess? Let’s take a look at the reasons behind it!

The biggest difference between humans and cats and dogs is that human cheeks are complete. Therefore, it is possible to perform “suction”. However, the cheeks of cats and dogs are incomplete, hence they cannot perform suction. Oftentimes they only use their tongues to help drink water.

Some researchers used ultra-high-speed cameras to track the cats and dogs drinking water in slow motion. Although both use their tongues, there are some differences in the actual actions.

When a cat drinks water, its tongue will tap on the water surface, which creates a column of water. Then, they quickly close their mouths, securing the water. Since there is less contact with water, water doesn’t splash out, hence cats are more elegant when drinking water.

On the other hand, when a dog drinks water, they put their tongues into water completely. Using their tongues as a reverse hook, they fling water into their mouths. Since there is more contact with water, water ALWAYS splash out, hence dogs drinking water equals to making messes.

Did you try to mimic how your pets drink water? Leave your thoughts below!

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